Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour 2009




Malaysia (KL)






Earth Hour at Gurney Drive

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look at this steamed fish..

How does it look like? Look nice right..This steamed fish was cooked in Cantonese style I reckon. The ingredients of the sauce consisted of ginger, soy sauce, rice wine and sugar and the topping was just spring onions. But, do you know, this fish was bought from a hypermarket 3 weeks ago and cooked yesterday and the expiry date is 2 weeks ago.. Can you imagine how it smells? It did smell good with the help of the sauce but it's still an expired fish..Hopefully we wont get food poisoning because of this..

Thursday, March 19, 2009





e Maria - Rebecca Luker

Saeeda Wright - one and only

Ckaur Marlo - Respect

莫扎特 - 费加罗的婚礼

珠光宝气插曲 - when you know

陈慧琳 - lover's concerto

Toni Braxton - Fairy Tale

James Marsden - That-s Amore

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MiEV Presentation

An interesting part I like about EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is its variety..There're lots of stuff I can learn from by taking this course. C programming, design and management process, machine labs, electronics, engineering mathematics... and lots of fun stuff.. The electrical and computer department organised a presentation on MiEV in the machine lab on Monday and I got the chance to see the future of sustainable energy by the innivation of highly efficient electric car.. MiEV stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle.. This car will be introduced into NZ sustainable transportation options by Meridian and Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand..


According to the presntation given by a tecnical engineer,Hayden Scott-Dye, from Electrical Vehicle Programme, Meridian Energy, this MiEV employs a highly energy efficient electric motor powered by recycled lithium-ion batteries and hence, producing no emission, making it one of the most sustainable transportation options. Besides, this car substantially creates less vibration and noise than the petrol powered car. Battery-powered vehicle was proven to have far greater torque and yields stronger acceleration..

Below are photos of the MiEV car exhibition in front of the Electrical and COmputer Engineering Machine Lab:


Food..Yea..Since I'm staying out of campus, food would be the main problem I might face ..However, with the help of my fellow housemates, cs and isaac, we've been cooking and eating Chinese meals (Malaysian style) since I came here.. Lots of cooking techniques I've learned throughout these few weeks.. Since all of us here are busy with our academic stuff, the ingredients of the food are really simple and it's quite easy to prepare..Below are some of the photos of the meals we cooked:

Dessert :

Dinner :

Lunch :

Breakfast :

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

24 days....

"10th March 09" After 24 days of waiting and waiting, finally, my phone connection was fixed.. Whose fault? Everyone who involved.. I just got the internet connection as well yesterday and it was such a torturing period to go through for the past few weeks without internet at home.. I cant blame anyone for the delay here but one thing I've to mention here is that the service offered by the phone company is lousy. Here, there are several telecommunication providers, and Snap is one of them and the phone base plan as well as the internet broadband plan were the cheapest among all.. Do u know, it took more than a week to get the connection sorted..And even worse, there was a cross-wire in the connection of my house phone line and the house behind me.. How could this happen as it is not the first time this house was rented out, there has been several "generations" of people staying here before..The phone line should work properly.. But, anyway, lets talk about sth which is more interesting...

The moment I stepped on the Christchurch International Airport, it was about 3pm on 15th Feb and the weather was pretty hot with slightly cold wind blowing..This drastic temperature difference actually has further worsen my eczema problem and it took me one whole week to adapt to the freezing temperature.. Now, the autumn season has begun, the temperature will keep on dropping till winter and it might be worse if it's raining or during cloudy days but apparently, even though the sun is shining and no matter how bright or strong the sunlight is, the cold temperature still remains the same and it gets colder if there is wind blowing.. Thanks Gloria and Airy btw for welcoming us at the airport and fetched us to our residence..

An inspection on the house was carried out at about 5pm.. Every corner was inspected by the landlord and an agreement was signed.. The house that we rent looks nice in overall but not nice after looking at all the details of the house.. Below are some of the photos taken in my house.. The address of my house is 164 Waimairi Road, 8041 Ilam and it's just beside Waimairi Community Centre (just before the traffic light and Domino Pizza).. Staying out of campus is a new experience to me and it's indeed interesting and I can learn much from the management of the house..


Front Door


Clothes Washing

Inside Garage


Waimairi Community Centre

My House


My room table

My Room

Kitchen (Cooking Stove and Oven)

Kitchen (Side)




Dining Table (Temporary)

My Bed (Before putting duvet cover)

Before getting into my life staying here, I wanna share some photos I captured during the journey from Brisbane Australia to Christchurch NZ (Journey from KL - Sydney (transit) - Brisbane - Christchurch):

KL --> Sydney(transit)
Entertainment on flight (MAS)

Staying Overnight at Brisbane International Aiport (to catch out next flight the next day) : As usual, food is the main problem there, all the cafes were close at night till early morning and this is what I can find, the size of the muffin was indeed huge!! about 3 times larger than a normal muffin we got in M'sia...

Overnight Stay:

Brisbane --> Christchurch
East Coast of Australia (Around Gold Coast)

Canterbury Mountain Range

Canterbury Grassland