Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 CNY Cookies

Every year, we make cookies for Chinese New Year and this year with no exception, our cookie for the year is Cornflake cookies with orange flavor. The process of making cookies is easier than baking a cake.. The recipe for the cookies was found from the web but was modified to suit us and the amount of sugar was reduced. The ingredients are as follows:

250g of Butter
180g of Castor sugar
250g of Self-raising flour
½ tsp of vanilla essence
1 tbsp grated rind of orange and “Keat La”
2 egg yolks
200g of Cornflakes (crushed lightly)

The butter and sugar were creamed together until the mixture turned fluffy. The egg yolks and the orange rind were added and beaten together with the mixture. Next, sifted flour was added gently and mixed well.. Then, the Cornflakes were crushed lightly and teaspoonfuls of the mixture were dropped onto the crushed cornflakes and shaped into small balls.. These balls were put on a tray for baking in a preheated oven for 17 minutes at 170 degree of Celsius..And it's simple..and the cookies made were really delicious..

Friday, January 9, 2009

December 08

December 2008 - An unforgettable month. This is the month where I've enjoyed the most..Below is a list of activities I've done last month..

Our Special 2nd Anniversary (19 Dec)

The morning with a special meaning, celebrating our 2nd anniversary.. It was a wonderful day, with lots of excitements, and lucky enjoyments.. It’s been a wonderful morning. She wore the shirt we bought at Times Square, a nice and wonderful shirt and it can be turned into various fashions anytime.. Lunch time.. We went to The Ship near the Cititel Hotel, not the one at Batu Ferringhi.. The Ship is famous for its steak where it carries the slogan of “the best steak in town”.. I ordered a set lunch of a black pepper medium-rare beef, a plate of Escargot, a minute steak and a banana split.. It was my first time eating at such a formal restaurant with good service.. But I was told that the environment and the service was better at Batu Ferringhi compared to here.. The beef was so delicious and so crunchy and not hard at all..The source I think was the best black pepper sauce ever.. The dessert of a banana split was also another special dessert.. The Escargot was another special plate we ordered. It was so soft and juicy.. When we got into the restaurant, the table they offer was situated at the side and it was very dark, we couldn’t even see the menu, but I asked for a candle lighting on the table.. The environment was indeed nice but as the place was near to lots of offices and shop houses, lots of workers and officers eating there and it was too noisy, feeling uneasy and not comfort.. We prefer a quieter one like the one at Batu Ferrignhi..… When the dessert was served, we suddenly remembered that at the car park we just slotted in coins for one and a half hour parking but we ate till about 2 hours and we were too worried that we might get summon as the place was a hot spot for the patrolling police.. However, we managed to finished all our meals without getting any troubles with the police.. A nice experience indeed….

Next, we went to Feng Wei restaurant which was just opposite The Ship, to book a table for a dinner treating by Christine on Sunday (Dong Zhi).. We went to Prangin Mall, parking at the basement.. We went to a shop called Global Time to buy a Casio Edifice watch.. Before that, we’ve gone to lots of shops including shops at Megamall Pinang and the one we found here at Global Time was the cheapest ever after so much effort of finding the cheapest one.. We were lucky enough that the first stop in Prangin we were able to find the cheapest one.. so lucky and actually the watch was a gift from Christine and I like the watch very much. It has all the basic functions and the black color style suits my taste and It has the class I want.. Next, we went to buy a 4GB pen drive for my mum at Nan Yang and bought a HP holder for my younger brother..

Next, her favourite Laksa time… Haha.. the laksa sold by a Malay at a corner near Batu Ferringhi is indeed a nice one and she likes it very much.. I love it also as the noodles feel smooth and not so smelly and the texture was so wonderful.. However, when we passed by the stall, it was CLOSE.. feeling a bit disappointed getting so far, we might as well continue our journey up North, heading till the end of North Penang, which was Teluk Bahang National Park.. It’s incredibly lucky to find a beautiful Fishermen village situated just beside the National Park.. The small jetty has a long extension but due to hot weather, we didn’t walk along the extension bridge and actually it looked dilapidated and not quite safe.. But maybe we’ll go there again in future to walk on the bridge as the scenery there was indeed awesome… The time was about 5pm d.....

My younger brother from KL would reach Penang very soon and I was in charge in fetching him back home.. The traffic was terrible with bumper-to-bumper jams along the way to the bus terminal at Sungai Nibong.. Using the usual way through Union High School was not a right choice as the jam was so serious that the vehicles were not moving at all, we changed our route by using Sungai Pinang road and the Jelutong expressway instead and reached there at about 6pm d..

After dropping my younger brother, it was time for us to have our dinner d.. Sawara Restaurant was our destination as we wanted to have a not-so-heavy dinner meal.. Sawara offers a variety of oriental cuisine and it was located near Midlands Pulau Tikus.. As usual, we ordered a set dinner and a bowl of Yong Tau Fu mixed with various types mushrooms and fish rolls.. The night was wonderful, not so hot..

After dinner, we went to Gurney Plaza to buy some beers to celebrate.. It was a bit disappointing as the alcohol beverages section was closed d at Cold Storage. We planned to buy a bottle of beer called Budweisser but now, no choice, we just bought normal beers, a can of Carlsberg and a can of Anchor Strong beer.. We parked at the gurney drive and drank our beers inside the car.. It was so special drinking inside the car while viewing ppl passing by and the night scenery at Gurney Drive.. After that, we went for a long stroll along gurney Drive and there were lots of ppl enjoying the sea view…Suddenly a young girl approaching us.. She was holding a bouquet of roses and we didn’t buy from her at first.. After a long stroll and heading back to our car, the girl appeared again, this time I bought one for Christine and the red rose was indeed beautiful with its special attractive fragrance compared to the orange roses I bought last time.. The feeling of walking along the busy gurney drive while holding a pretty girl with a delicate rose was my first time in my life, it was really a different experience I’d ever had, but it was indeed a nice one and I love it…Next, we headed to “New Gurney Drive” near “wu tiao lu”, it was a newly built seaside attraction just like the Gurney drive. The surroundings were a lot better than Gurney drive with less ppl and we got the chance to enjoy the sea breeze under an artistic structure…
Today, 19th Dec 2008 was indeed the most special anniversary we’ve ever had and it was our precious 2nd year of eternal love…

A short memorable trip

A trip to KL again.. It seems boring at first as KL has been our usual holiday destinations.. But, this is the first time I went there with her family and we fully utilized the whole journey doing many things together..

I went for a 2day 1night trip to KL and Genting with her on 10th of December.. I’d really enjoyable time there..The first day, we departed early in the morning about 7.30am and arrived there at about 12pm. We directly ran across the railway to catch the KTM komuter to KL sentral and took a LRT to Kelana Jaya station and had our lunch at Marco’s Pizza.. I love the pizza very much and the service was indeed awesome compared to the lousy Pizza Hut.. We ordered a regular pizza and a spaghetti, The pizza could serve for 2 ppl, it’s indeed worth.. We couldn’t finish the pizza and da bao 3 slices..

The next stop was KLCC and we went to the garden behind, the sky was getting darker and darker and it was raining along the way to KLCC by LRT.. Very luckily, the rain stopped for a while, as if the rain knew about our coming to the garden.. We quickly went to the garden and snapped some photos, the scenery there was indeed awesome.. And the whole KLCC tower could be captured successfully..half way when we wanna go back, it rained again and we ran to a shelter with an umbrella.. Though we hate the rain, we’ve finally visited the whole garden and it’s worth paying a visit there…we went for shopping inside Suria KLCC and there were some shops having sales..

We stopped at KL sentral and bought the ticket to Genting’s RM8.30 one way including the Skyway ticket.. While waiting for her parents out from a Cao Ge concert organized by AIA company, we went to have our dinner at a Taiwanese food at the Food Court.. The food was nice but I got a terrible experience eating the fried fish chop. There was a plastic sheet inside the Fish!!!! So ashamed.. the cleanliness grade was B for Bersih but the food was not clean at all.. We dare not to eat there again.. They replaced a new one for me but I was almost full d and I just ate the fish only left the rice there..

After tht was our most memorable time being together just in front of the Genting hotel, the weather there was cold as the whole place was covered fully by mist..After meeting with her parents we settled down and had a good sleep at First World hotel.. Oh ya, before that, with her parents together, we went to the same place again, enjoying the scenery and the cold weather….

The next day we went down early in the morning, we got out of KL sentral and headed to University station to visit University of Malaya.. The university was not wat I expected to be.. I thought the university would be a very high tech and nice university.. Still, it was like other university, the facilities were still not that good enough..but the surrounding was nice and the hostels were mostly situated at the hillside. However, the hostels were too far away from the lecture halls and as usual, the shuttle bus was not punctual enough.. From what I heard, my hostel in INTEC last time was far better than the one of the hostels called Kolej Kediaman Kinabalu.. But, UM still possesses the 1st rank in Malaysia.. It’s located very near to PJ and KL, and convenient..

Then, we had our lunch, a steamboat lunch, wah.. this steamboat was indeed superb and nicest… It’s ust located in Berjaya Times Square, Uncle’s Duck Restaurant.. The beef was nice and there were lots of of soup base to choose from..
The whole afternoon we spent for shopping.. Where? Bukit Bintang lo, as usual, we had an ice cream at McDonald.. I’ve bought a black t-shirt and a fashioned jeans.. That was the first time I bought such a fashioned “chio” clothes.. Aiya, before that, we went to Puduraya to buy the bus ticket back to Penang..