Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Android Smith Chart Impedance Matching Tool

An excellent Android smith chart tool to perform impedance matching professionally..

  • Matching ladder network circuit with serial/parallel capacitors, serial/parallel inductors, serial/parallel resistors, serial transmission line, open-circuit and short-circuit stub.
  • Pro version enables up to 7 matching circuit elements.
  • User friendly with adjustable seek bars and edit-text boxes to move element parameter and the resultant impedance value in the smith chart with high precision.
  • First data point can be entered using either normalized impedance or reflection coefficient.
  • System impedance and operating frequency can be adjusted.
  • Provides additional details such as VSWR, Q, Return loss, normalized admittance value and transmission line physical length at each impedance value.
  • Capable of undoing circuit element and retrieving previous states.
  • Transmission line, open-circuit and short-circuit stubs can be designed with different line impedance and effective relative permittivity. 
  • Impedance sweep over a range of frequencies. Frequency sweep resolution can be adjusted.
  • Every impedance matching stage is clearly annotated with different colored line and number.

FREE Version

PRO Version